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SaltyShrimp Black Water Powder SE/Fulvin+ (50g) - Aqua Haus Singapore

SaltyShrimp Black Water Powder SE/Fulvin+


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Black Water Powder is a mixture of valuable trace elements as well as humic and fulvic acids with a multitude of positive effects on your aquarium and its inhabitants.
• rich in important trace elements
• protects your tank from a dangerous pH drop
• reduces algae proliferation
• strengthens the immune system of your tank inhabitants
• binds to ammonium and reduces the danger of ammonia formation
• has a very high cation exchange activity and binds to heavy metals
• acts as natural chelator and thus maintains the reduced form of micronutrients and iron
• improves growth and promotes reproduction e.g. for bee shrimp
• acts as alternative to carbonate buffers and is thus irreplaceable in soft water where carbonate hardness is unwelcome
• antibacterial, reduces the bacterial load (of Aeromonas- and Pseudomonas spp.) on internal organs
• fungicidal, acts preventative in the case of fungal infections even at low concentrations
• has a positive supporting effect on the treatment of inflammatory gill conditions
• reduces external hormonal influences and stress induced by them
• has a positive effect on necroses of fin edges and gills
• plants are provided with a suitable carbon source by metabolisation of its components
• makes the water crystal clear

Instructions of use:
Just sprinkle the desired amount of the powder on the water surface. Black Water Powder dissolves easily in any pH. Please note that the water will assume a brownish colour temporarily but will turn crystal-clear after a while. If the brownish colour remains for several days, please check your filter or reduce the dosage.

Depending on how densely the tank is stocked, dose approx. 1g to 50 litres of water every week.
Measuring spoon markings: 1 ml = 0.5g / 2 ml = 1g

Measuring spoon enclosed.


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