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Prodibio StopAmmo

Prodibio StopAmmo


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Stop Ammo traps ammonia and reduces the proportion of nitrites when starting up a new aquarium and in water used to transport fish. This prevents the fish from being shocked or killed.

Stop Ammo is made from the extracts of specially selected plants. The plants in question have developed a special molecular system with the capacity to trap ammonia nitrogen. Ammonia nitrogen is particularly volatile and toxic and is firstly stored in a non-volatile, non-toxic form, and then synthesized in the form of food, namely proteins and amino acids.

The saponins have been removed in order to make the plant extract suitable for use in aquaculture and aquariums (saponins are poisonous for fish gills).



Stop Ammo can be used in the following cases:
• In your aquarium to limit an accidental rise in nitrites, caused, for example, by a dead fish.
• In water used to transport fish to reduce the water’s ammonia content by 15- 50%, cutting the risk of fish disease and stress.
• When your fish are acclimatising to reduce or eliminate fish loss and encourage quicker acclimatization.


Prodibio StopAmmo is suitable for freshwater and marine aquaria.

How to use StopAmmo ?

What volume ? What range ? What dosage ?
120 to 200 liters Standard 1 vial
201 to 400 liters Standard 2 vials
401 to 600 liters Standard 3 vials
601 to 800 liters Standard 4 vials
801 to 1 000 liters Standard 5 vials


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