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NilocG Aquatics: Ferrum - Liquid Iron Supplement

NilocG Aquatics: Ferrum - Liquid Iron Supplement

NilocG Aquatics

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Ferrum is a liquid iron supplement and can be used in complement with Thrive+ and any accompanying products. It is a concentrated 10,000mg/l source of available iron.

The lack of iron in plants is typically characterised by the loss of colour (or chlorosis) and such symptoms are best observed in the leaves. Derived from Iron Chelate DTPA, Iron Chelate EDTA and Ferrous Gluconate, these 3 different chelators enable Ferrum to better cover across all pH levels.


  • Low-Medium Light Tank: 1-2x per week
  • High-light Tank: Up to 3x per week
  • Or when necessary, as characterised by chlorosis being observed on the leaves of the plants

Each dose equals to 1pump (1ml) per 10 gallons (37.8litres)

 For advanced aquarists:  Ferrum provides 0.25ppm Iron per dose


  • Store in a cool dark location
  • Warning:  Keep out of reach of children, do not inhale and avoid contact with skin

Available sizes: 500ml pump bottle




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