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NilocG Aquatics: Enhance - Liquid Carbon

NilocG Aquatics: Enhance - Liquid Carbon

NilocG Aquatics

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Enhance is a liquid carbon supplement and algae inhibitor.  

One of the easiest ways to achieve faster plant growth without having to supplement tank lighting is to add an additional source of carbon to your planted aquarium. Carbon is an essential nutrient for all life forms and specific to plants, an important nutrient in the photosynthetic process of all plants – terrestrial and aquatic plants alike.

Enhance is a liquid carbon supplement to the aquatic setup, and can be used in conjunction or the absence of pressurized CO2 systems. One of the core ingredients in Enhance also allows it to be a prime inhibitor of algae growth in the aquarium.


  • Dose 4x per week, or as needed up to 7x per week
  • To replenish carbon source after large water changes, dose up to 5ml per 10gallon (37.8litres)

Each dose equals to 1pump (1ml) per 10 gallons (37.8litres)

 For advanced aquarists:  Enhance contains 1.5% Gluaraldehyde and 0.5% Citric Acid


  • Store in a cool dark location
  • Warning:  Keep out of reach of children, do not inhale and avoid contact with skin

Available sizes: 500ml pump bottle




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