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MICMOL NEW AQUA AIR 1200 (Pre-Order Only)


  • $41900

Introducing the new Aqua Air Series by Micmol.

Developed by Micmol, the New Aqua Air is a LED light system that all aquarists needs.

Encased in a white aluminium body, the New Aqua Air light system measures a mere 11mm thin! It also features a smart controller that allows you to customise across different LED channels, light intensity and specific time period. You will also be able to customise settings to mimic lightning (yes, lightning) in the aquarium. Talk about realism!

With its revolutionary design and features, the New Aqua Air is unparalleled!




MICMOL NEW AQUA AIR 1200 is suitable for 120cm to 150cm tanks. Comes in black colour only. 

For Pre-Order items, we will contact and advise you on the estimated delivery date, and will be in contact again once the item is ready for shipping. 



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