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Garnelenhaus Shrimp Lollipops


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Garnelenhaus shrimp lollipops are the delicious food for small and large shrimp. Packed with healthy nutrients, such snacks should remain be a mainstay in any shrimp lover's food cabinet! 

All you have to do is to push the pointed end of the stick (either slanted or upright - see pictures) and you're ready to go! You will observe that your shrimps will start cavorting on the shrimp lollipops within a short period of time. Not only are these lollipops packed with healthy nutrients, it is also packed with fun - a joy to watch your shrimps digging into these snacks. The shrimp lollipops contained seaward which represents a great food component and even supplement to their daily food intake. 


Feeding recommendation: 1 stick per 30 shrimps. 10 pieces per packet





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