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This is a segment where frequent asked questions get answered. If you do not find what you need, simply drop us an email at and we will be happy to answer them. 


Q. I would like to visit your store, where are you located?
A. We are currently operating as an e-commerce and do not have a physical location where you can visit us. 

Q. Do you have a newsletter that I can subscribed to so that I can receive updates of new products?
A. Currently there are no such features as yet. However, you can follow us on Facebook at for updates and new product information.

Q. Are you on any other e-commerce platform?
A. Yes! We are also on Carousell. Follow us @aquahaussg

Q. I made some orders and would like to know when I will be able to receive them.
A. There are a number of shipping options for you to choose from at the check-out page. If you have selected the "Normal Mail" options, deilvery of packages within Singapore would typically be delivered between 3 to 5 working days though there have been other instances where it took longer than that. This is delivered by Singapore Post. However, we are unable to track the progress of your package.

If you have selected for the "Registered Mail" options, you would have received a tracking number. You can head on to to track your parcel's delivery status.

For international shipping, you will receive an email from us to confirm this option together with a quotation for the shipping. 

Q. Are your products brand new?
A. Yes, they are shipped to you brand new. 

Q. Any instructions on the introduction and care of the live plants I ordered?
A. Bucephalandra are rhizomic plants hence the rhizomes must not be completed covered. If you have experience with Anubias, you can treat Bucephalandra plants as you would with Anubias. The Bucephalandra plants you ordered will be shipped to you without a wire mesh. You can tie these plants to any set of driftwood, stones, or wire mesh that are currently in your tank. Some of the plants have roots which you can then root it firmly into the soil. Otherwise, the other alternative is to tie a piece of filter media to the plant and place the media into the soil - by far the safest option as the filter media should not alter water parameters and can stay out of sight. 

Before introducing the plants into the tank, it is ALWAYS good practice to wash the plants. Any good aquarists will ensure that any addition of livestock or plants should be treated with the most care so as to not introduce any unwanted pests, water altering chemicals, etc. It is recommended that you first rinse the plants gently with some tap water to first remove any soil remnants from the holding tank. After which, give it a quick rinse off with a little of your tank water. Next, soak the plants for a little while in a container of your tank water. This will condition your plant and at the same time remove the remaining impurities, if any at all. Remove the plant from the container and shake off the excess before carefully introducing it into your tank. You are now a proud owner of an exotic aquatic plant! 

*Note: Plants that are sold to you are pest-free. You should also take precautionary measures on your own. Aqua Haus Singapore will not be held liable for any death of livestock

Q. I received the plants and have dealt with them in the manner suggested above. After a couple of days in the tank, some of the leaves have melted. Why?
A. This is a phenomenon that most aquarists faced and the only logical answer to this is that the plants are accustomising to your tank parameters. Each tank's parameters may differ slightly or even greatly. Take for example you leaving in the tropics all your life and you asked to be relocated to Siberia for work arrangements. Your body would need time to adjust to the change in climate and environment. In this similar context, the plants are also conditioning themselves to their new environment.

It is suggested that you remove the melted leaves as much as possible leaving the rhizomes intact. New leaves will grow overtime, though it is also highly dependent on your present set-up (primarily the CO2 and lighting regime in your tank).



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