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Nishiki PROseries Food - Vegetable

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The Nishiki Proseries Food – Vegetable is a novel sensory food that is not found in the past. It contains essential protein necessary for shrimps. It is rich in calcium, minerals, iron content and essential vitamins, etc. for the maintaining the health of shrimps, colour, survival of eggs and shrimp. It is specially formulated to cater to the needs of pregnant shrimps and young shrimps.

You can give shrimp a balanced nutritional value by using Nishiki Shrimp PROseries Food – Animal in combination. Nishiki PROseries Food is most effective when used in combination with Nishiki PROseries Concentrated Enzyme product.


Petit Bale · Kale · Organic Herbs · Lactic Acid · Calcium Lactate · Concentrated Enzyme · Torula Yeast · Beer Yeast Shiba Leaves



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