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New Item In Store: Thrive All in One Liquid Fertilizer

Posted by Aqua Haus Singapore on

Thrive - similar to Thrive+, is a must-have all-in-one liquid fertilizer for any planted tank aquarist. It is well-suited in both low-tech and high-tech tanks and offers all the essential nutrients aquatic plants would require without having to purchase multiple bottles of different types of Macro or Micro liquid fertilizer. 

Its features includes:

  •  All-in-one fertilizer
  • Super concentrated
  • Both micro/macro nutrients
  • For low/high-tech setups
  • Easy to dose pump design
  • 500mL treats 2500 gallons


Thrive is an easy to dose, super concentrated all-in-one liquid fertilizer. It is based on an effective EI dosing method with all essential micro and macro nutrients designed to help aquatic plants truly Thrive. It eliminates the need for multiple products to manage the planted aquarium and includes an easy to use pump design for simple spill-free dosing. GH booster may be added in cases of soft, mineral deficient water.

Why spend more money when all you need is Thrive? Dose Thrive now and watch your plants thrive! Thrive retails at $45.90 for a 500ml bottle. 



1 x 2mL pump per 10g will add 7ppm NO3, 1.3ppm PO4, 5ppm K, and 0.25ppm Fe

Analysis:  N 3%, P 0.8%, K 9.4%, Fe 0.47%, Mg 0.062%, Cu 0.009%, B 0.023%, Co, 0.0002%, Mn 0.06%, Mo 0.0018%, Zn 0.016%

Store at or near room temperature, no refrigeration necessary. 




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